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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Play Ball!

It's time for America's favorite game - baseball!

These big, corduroy peanut toys have bungee arms that provide a lot of tug-of-war type action,
as well as handy pickup points so the little dogs can drag them around as well as the big dogs.

Of course our dogs don't observe sports seasons, they love to play ball all year long.

Our dogs' favorite ball is the high-bouncing fortune ball.

Along with some wise words of dog philosophy, these balls have a lively bounce and
comfortable size that make them popular with dogs large and small.

Maybe you missed picking up one of these for your dog's Easter basket.

We still have lots of these for year-round fun

If you click on the video in the column to the right, you'll see one of our customers enjoying his high-bouncing fortune ball. Lots of exercise, entertainment, and ball-playing fun right here.

These come in assorted colors with various fortunes, so kind of like one of those old-time
bubble gum purchases, part of the fun is seeing what you get. 

Your dog will love the springy action that will have her or him

bounding across  the field to pick up a grounder.

Our dogs love to play inside on a rainy day
(like we have occasionally here in Seattle)
and these high-bouncers offer lots of leaping and fetching 
opportunities in a limited space.

Order yours today, just in time for Spring Training!

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