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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cutest Little Tough Guy

Here is our adorable customer Gizmo wearing his new Tough Dog design harness.

Gizmo's mom shopped wisely for her puppy and picked his harness 
with a little growing room. 

Not only does this little guy look totally cute, he's getting used to wearing his gear for later.
He is so alert looking you just know this little doll will be a terrific watchdog.

Gizmo is a shelter adoptee with a great new home.

I love the determined look on this precious puppy's face. You can tell he's zeroed in on his new mom.

We love to get to know all our wonderful customers and help you get your little guys geared up and looking great.

This harness has a Tough Dog design that is perfect for small dogs that take themselves seriously. The harness is soft and comfortable, with a flexible red binding and fun knit fabric.

The print features some bad looking bulldogs and hydrants and other tough guy dog images and words that will suit your little guy perfectly. Little dogs know that image is everything and a great watchdog is often not the big tail-wagging, ball-fetching bird dogs at the dog park.

Welcome, Gizmo, to our family of customers. You make our harness look especially cute.

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