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Friday, August 23, 2013

Camo Dog Gear and Duck Toys

Well, no one is beyond the influence of the most popular show on television. We have all kinds of camo dog gear as well as wild duck and bird dog toys arriving this week. So unless you live under a rock you know we're talking

Duck Dynasty!!!

Camo is a classic for dogs, and our customers have enjoyed wearing it over the years.

This is Tucker, wearing his camo raincoat with that down-home,
 outdoor boy look that just makes everyone more handsome.

This burly lad from Ireland is definitely the camo type of guy.

So, with all you Duck Dynasty fans out there, we decided to go all out and stock lots of 
new and fun camo items. Here you go:

A terrific backpack, bugout bag that every dog should own.

This has roomy compartments and straps that will balance the load.

Camo toys,

camo beds,

several styles in coats,


and lots of  collars

and leashes.

Wait, there's more...

this handy fanny pack includes a water bottle with flip-out lid
for drinking. Your dog can lap up some fresh water wherever  you roam.

It's all about the ducks, you know.

Every dog pretends to be a bird dog. Now we have the toys for all that practice retrieving.

These birds aren't stuffed, so they are perfect for fetching, carrying, and tug-of-wars for all
size dogs. We  have them in two sizes, and the smaller one can hold a recycled water bottle for
that crinkly, crackly sound effect that adds a lot of fun to the game.

If you  want camo, you'll be Happy, Happy, Happy when  you visit our store.

We have that practical, shows-no-dirt camo goodness 
in all kinds of new items for your best friend.

Be sure to stop by and see what's new.

 You may want to put together a Duck Dynasty theme Halloween costume, or stage a family portrait picture or two. Look for all these items in our store this week! 

One of the things we like about the show Duck Dynasty, and camo, is that it isn't about calling
attention to yourself - it's about real life skills and values that help you survive.

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