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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Monkeyshines and Monkey Dogs

One of our most popular dog toys and clothing lines this last year has been the monkeys, Tiff and Ty.

Here is our customer Bugsy with his monkey buddy toy and new best friend.

Bugsy's a sweet and sentimental guy, and spends a lot
of quality time with his little Ty pal .

Tiff, our girl monkey, is here on a plum-colored sweater that will be perfect for your little girl. (Tiff always wears a little lipstick and a hair ribbon, being a very girly-girl.)

Monkey boy Ty is a little more sporty, in a striped hat with pompom.

Like typical monkeys, Ty and Tiff get into everything, and you'll see them on 
raincoats, harnesses, leashes, collars, and favorite toys in our store.

The Squeaktacular is filled with eight squeakers, a large toy
that's perfect for the bigger dogs out there.

Tiff and Ty are all ready for Christmas in their holiday gear. These are the same
size as Bugsy's Buddy, just right for the smaller dogs and puppies on  your gift list.

For Christmas Ty is decked out in plush, covering a rubber ball 
promising lots of fetching fun to keep things interesting.

You'll see Ty and Tiff on Christmas harnesses and bandanas, leashes, and more.
Just visit our Monkeyshines category in the store and you'll find monkeys galore.

But what about the adorable dog modeling these cute monkey clothes?

Can a dog face get any cuter than that?

It's an Affenpinscher. I've only seen one in person and it's a face I'll never forget. 
Click HERE for more information about the breed.

 Appropriately enough, this breed's name comes from the 
German word for monkey - Affe.

So in German we have affenartig (monkey-like), Affenhaus (monkey house)
and Affenspiel - or what we've named our store category for Ty and Tiff stuff

Step right in here and see what fun monkey gear we have for your pet!

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