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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The 12th Man Has Four Legs

The 12th Man may be lying on the floor beside you as you read this. When you think about what makes an all-out sports fan, your dog pretty much embodies it all: lifelong loyalty to the group,  enthusiasm bordering on mania when the play gets good (like what happened here in Seattle last week), and everlasting fascination with the myriad ways athletes can interact with a ball.

You know that your dog would want to wear the team colors with pride,

walk on a leash that represents for the home team.

And sport an eye-catching bandana to wear when you geaux to the game day party.

 For sure he'd want an officially licensed toy to share with his buddies,
or use to get a good tug-of-war going.

We think that dogs find our enthusiasm for football pretty contagious. Like a stadium full of fans, they pick up on the group spirit in the same way their  ancestors supported the home pack. Kind of a give-it-your-best, give-it-your-all gusto that knows no restraint, with each individual bent on achieving the common goal.

The 12th Man on four legs loves football season, when the group gathers around and bonds over sumptuous food and brawny action on the field. Watch any group of dogs at play in a dog park capture the crazy choreography of the gridiron like they are born knowing the game.

Every dog understands that a successful retriever represents so much more than just bringing in a tattered tennis ball. Winning season or off year, the 12th Man is really all about loyalty. And who does that better than a dog?

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