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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Green Bay Packers Dog Gear

If the name Aaron Rodgers means anything to you and you've been seen wearing the colors spinach green and cheddar gold, we just might have your dog gear.

Today we added a small boutique's worth of new Green Bay Packer dog items to our store, all for you folks that love our #12 jerseys and our Packers.

Long story short, here's what we listed today -

 your dog's own football with tug-of-war ropes on each end and a squeaker inside. This is a toy that promises lots of action, with many twists and turns and catches, your dog can fetch, carry, fumble, intercept, and probably slobber a little on this one. Your dog wants to be in the Green Bay Pack, so let's get ready for a little football!

Bandanas are always easy to fit, and your dogs will look great in pictures wearing their handsome scarves. Take some pictures of your dogs in gear and make cards, party invitations, or maybe a fun Christmas card for your fan friends.

We have leashes, collars, and couplers that allow you to walk two fans side-by-side, all with the eye-catching green logo.

Be sure to shop a.s.a.p. while we have all sizes in stock.

Here's another fab toy for tossing, catching, carrying,
and tearing down the field.

And a fine sweater vest that will keep your pal cozy when it's football weather
here real soon.

 (shop today while we have all sizes in stock)

Your dog is invited to join our Green Bay Pack, so stop by
and see what's new and we can all say -

Go Pack Go!

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