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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dog Pirate Costumes - Aargh!

Our customer Bugsy makes a lot of growly, snuffly noises. Kinda like you might expect from a real pirate. In fact, I think he looks a lot like an old time swashbuckler right out of a book by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Here he is in his pirate costume, complete with pants, blouse and vest, and parrot toy.

The elastic loop under the hat is conveniently camouflaged by his Bugsy's jowls.

He seems to have somewhat adopted the pirate persona here, looking rather "Aargh."

Pirate costumes aren't just for Halloween anymore. We ship them all year to dogs in various Pirate Festivals and events throughout the country. Halloween is a great time to get your gear for the year.

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