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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Disconnect in the Pacific Northwest

Okay, it's late September, it's Seattle, and our instincts tell us it's time to look for the pumpkin lattes, pick up an extra space heater for the back room, and think about preparing for the holidays ahead.

One itty bitty problem, though. We've had southern California weather now for two weeks. Dry and 84 degrees just doesn't seem like Fall at all. So even though everyone is running around in sandals and shorts, it's time to get the fleece out and prepare for some chilly days ahead.

Here are a couple of new Nordic designs in cozy sweaters -

Our customers in Norway and Canada should be ready for these right now.

So I'll be listing all our coats and sweaters this week, as well as a preview of Christmas.

This hardy terrier doesn't look like the type to put off prepping for the winter. The soft corduroy coat is country-wise and city-smart. Cozy sherpa lining will keep your dog warm and stylish.

You'll also find this one in dark green -

I only wish they made a matching coat for the dog walker. That toggle closure is so classic.

Keep watching every day for all the rest of our terrific Winter inventory. 
There will be lots to see in our store, so run, run as fast as you can to catch some great buys.

Be sure to look at the present sweaters with beautiful ribbon bows. These are perfect for all your holiday events.

Take a Christmas picture of your dog to create a card or party invitation that will be a keepsake in itself.

Made in the USA, these are exquisite. 

Even though it still seems like summer, now is the time to plan ahead. 
Shop early for your best selection of sizes, and you'll be glad you did. 

Like shopping for kids, the good stuff sells out fast, so be sure to buy your fur kids' winter wear and Christmas items when you first see them. They'll be glad you did!

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