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Friday, September 7, 2012

Presidential Pooches

After the commotion and drama of two political conventions, the presidential race is on. After watching and listening, I think I've made my choice. Hint: read this shirt-

No, that's not mine. It's a shirt for your small dog. 
Considering what we need in presidential leadership, your little dog is probably highly qualified.

We want a president who is:

honest - with body language that expresses every emotion; honesty is a dog's home state

loyal - doggy devotion would be a fine standard for all politicians to aspire to
patriotic - who better appreciates the blessings of a beautiful country than a freedom-loving dog
a problem solver - you know the one who always finds the tennis ball in the tall grass
assertive -  I guess the lady who fills up the treat jar can verify this
wise - remember who found the food gift out of all those wrapped presents under the tree
protective - like the little barker who scares that delivery person away every time
incorruptible - money just doesn't matter to your dog, it's all about the people at home

So, I guess we have our candidate. Got my vote!

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