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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Orange You Glad It's Fall?

What is it about Fall that makes us crave the color orange?

Here are a few goodies from our store that will let you enjoy the season's favorite color -

First there's a precious Halloween outfit for your little girl.

This witch has the most hideous screaming cackle. I once worked for a
woman who seriously had a laugh like that. Long ago, thankfully.

This warm blanket coat is reversible and reflective.

And a cozy Scandinavian design sweater, 
so right for the chilly weather ahead.

Gotta love the expression on this one. 
The dogs love its texture

This happy pumpkin is listed at auction 99 cents today. Maybe your dog will be the lucky one who wins this plushy toy.

After a record  number of dry days this summer, we're getting prepared here in the Seattle
area. Rain is on the way. Why not be ready with a high-viz jacket with hood and reflective stripes?
Handy hood and pocket make this a good one for any precip in the forecast. I know my little poodle is going to be furious when it finally really rains again.

When he goes outside and finds the weather is awful, (thunder, snow, whatever), he'll bark up at the sky, kind of like an old curmudgeon waving his fist and shouting "Get off my lawn!" He doesn't seem to notice that Mother Nature doesn't accommodate him, but seems to feel better just getting it off his chest.

Then there are the lovely maple leaf collars and leashes by Up Country, 
a stunning design with cider gold and maple syrup tones.

We hope that you and your dog(s) are enjoying the foliage colors and crisp air
that give this time of year its special beauty. Our dogs are busy barking at the
squirrels that love to taunt them from the safety of the trees. Every walk has an
endless array of scents and sidelines that keep them on high alert. A walk with a nature-loving
 dog  serves to remind us to look and appreciate every hue and horizon and slip into
 a Robert Frost kind of appreciation for the gifts of autumn.

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