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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tiny Patent Purse for Dog Walkers

Your dog is always on your side, and at your side. She knows how you love the gorgeous handbags. So, she's got a lovely reason to urge you to buy a new one. It's patent, in very winter-friendly colors: red, black, spearmint green.

Not to be indelicate, but this is a little purse that will carry your color-coordinated waste pickup bags. Why shouldn't you have a little style when you're being a responsible dog owner? You really need a bag of bags to do your civic duty when it comes to walking your dog on public property.

Everyday activities like cleaning up at the dog park or on a walk in your neighborhood call for a snappy little bag. These make fab little gifts for your dog-owning girlfriends! If you have a gift exchange with a dog owner - here you go.

These would make great stocking stuffer, small gifts for anyone who walks a dog.

Classic black -

or Christmas red -

Carrying a cute bag like this, you'll never be without a cleanup bag when you need one. (A roll of 20 in each of these Hobbit-size purses.) When those are gone, you can put your own recycled plastic bags in this purse.

Your dog wants you to have this new bag. And the price, well, about the cost of a latte, and no calories whatsoever. Don't miss out on these. Shop early while we have several in each color.
Just think, if you carry this in your larger handbag, you can have a bag within a bag within a bag - and lots of dog-walking style and convenience.

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