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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

They don't live here anymore, do they?

Well, the little guy in our family likes to check on the fact that there are truly no real dinosaurs alive today. The fact is, they are making a roaring comeback in kids' clothing, books, and toys this year,  right up there with owls competing for the top spot.

The gorgeous dinosaur is made in Germany. I love the texture of the skin and those claws.

These were a great Christmas gift for the young paleontologist.

Our dogs have a lot in common with the little kids who find dinosaurs so fascinating.
They all love to imagine encountering the real deal, and play fight with lots of drama.

And who loves to dig up old bones? Um, that would again be, our dogs.

Here are some cute things for your dog that feature some charming dinos.

This little hoodie pullover is soft, lightweight, like a t-shirt with tons of paleo charm.

Gotta love the colors here - fun and cheerful.

A portable mat bed for crate or travel features the cool dinosaur print.

Here it is up close

These soft nap mats when training your dog to "go to your place" 
or otherwise restricting him or her to a specific spot. Lots of our customers like them
for the camper or the back of the car. They roll up like any other camping bedroll. Easy to carry, comfy to snooze on.
Of course our collection wouldn't be complete without a raincoat. Here in Seattle this is a dog owner's necessity. Arlo loves his dino raincoat. The coat actually folds up into its own pouch, complete with a happy dinosaur logo. These are perfect for wind or rain. Easy to keep one handy to keep your dog dry and comfy on a blustery day.

Here's Arlo on a typical Seattle day, warm and dry in his bright orange raincoat.

The hood flips up or back, adjust for any changes in precip.

That pocket on the back becomes a pouch that holds this coat
when it's not in use.

Now it's a raincoat -

Now it's a pouch.

My favorite of all the dinosaur items is this amazing fleece camo vest.

Look carefully.
Those shadows in that green camo design are actually...

Jurassic Park all over again.

The top of this vest is fastened with Velcro, as shown above.

The chest is ripstop nylon, super strong and protective for brambles and such.

Your little sniffer will be able to explore the great outdoors and stay clean and protected. 
If you need to, you can wash this, and hang to dry.

Our dinosaur collection wouldn't be complete without some plush and squeaky toys for your little paleontologists.  These are medium size, great for small or large dogs.
Right now we have these in navy and green,

baby boy blue with navy,
and orange.

 Why not give your dog a little brontosaurus friend to keep him or her company.
Great prices on all these new items, and right now our selection is at its peak, so 
stop by and see the dinosaurs for yourself. 

No passes or tickets necessary to get in to our store.
Just tell them this guy sent you.

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