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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

California Carolers

Here is a happy group - our California customers: Taylor, Kobe, and Missy. Notice that these good friends decided to dress alike in their holiday sweater and scarf sets. They remind me of a group of happy carolers.

Dog love the fun of getting together with friends as much as we do. Of course it's extra nice when there are platters of delicious goodies to eat and happy people all around. Unlike kids, who can be cued to smile for the picture, dogs express their true emotions. No question about the good spirits in this group of good buddies. They are neighbors who enjoy spending time together.

Now we understand that Missy can get a little bossy and Kobe can be shy, but Taylor (the little guy on the left) knows all this. His friends get along because they let each other know when they need a little space or just don't want to share that toy.

It's all about reading body language, respecting others, and being honest about what you're feeling in dog culture. Judging from the genuine smiles in this group, I think these dogs have something to teach us all.

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