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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mystery Shopper

This is sort of a celebrity sighting post. With all the cute and charming dogs that shop with us, it may surprise you to know that not all of our customers are dogs. We have had rabbits, and ferrets, and cats shop with us. And recently, shopping in our store was a fantastic feline.

 Meet Archibald. A marvelous Sphynx Cat with the photographic genius of a high fashion model.

I love the way the texture of this sweater and the furrows of his forehead play off each other.

This lovely fellow looks like a living work of art.

The Sphynx cat allows us to admire the pure form of the cat, whose animated architecture is often obscured by a fluffy coat. What a truly elegant animal we have shopping the racks at Dog City Dime Store!

Thank you, beautiful Archibald, for modeling this sweater with such calm grace. 
We are delighted to have you shop with us. 

Clearly, Archibald finds the warmth of a classic cable turtleneck quite favorable in the chilly days of winter. His owner reports that he enjoys wearing this size Small blue speckled Dublin Knit Sweater frequently.

Here is a video clip about this rare and fascinating breed of cat.

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