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Thursday, December 27, 2012

good news

It's always nice to read a dog story with a happy ending! The capabability of this blind dog reminded me of our dear Toby.

We had the privilege of adopting this ten-year-old dog when his best friend passed away at the age of 82. Here is Toby showing off a top quality bouncy ball we sell. No matter how many takes we needed for a promo picture, he would always oblige.

Here he served as a model to show how much hair can be removed with the swivel pin rake comb.

That's his winter undercoat on the right,
removed with this terrific grooming tool.

Here he is retrieving a water toy we sold a few  years back.
Only a few short weeks after we took him in he was diagnosed with Diabetes. Not a shot lover,
I got over my needle phobia and managed to inject him with insulin twice a day for the next five years, until he passed away. From the first injection given with my shaky, uncertain hands, he held still for the procedure with gracious dignity. It seemed as though he knew the shots were helping him.
A few years after the initial diagnosis he became blind, but it never seemed to phase him. He still made his daily tour of the dog park every day, with that air of authority affected by upper level managers and airline pilots. He wasn't one to play with the other dogs, preferring instead to canvas the area, checking on everything like an overseer.
Being a working dog, he was adaptable, yet knew to follow his own instincts
and trust in his own judgment. Blindness never slowed him down, and he always moved with the smooth herding stride described as having "great economy of motion."
Efficient, confident, and always ready to work, he was kind of a bossy dog, who would bark with irritation when family members didn't assemble at the dinner table immediately when called.
We didn't have sheep to herd, so he willingly put up with his modeling assignments for
 the family business. It's been five years since his passing and we still miss that boy.

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