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Friday, December 14, 2012

Lucky Dogs, Worthy Dogs

Our favorite thing about keeping an online store is meeting all the great pets and their families. One of our recent new customers, shown right here resting in his cozy sherpa bed, is Miller.

Miller is enjoying a permanent home with a lovely young couple who not only care for him, but have hearts that reach out to other homeless, abandoned, and sick animals in need. It is so inspiring to connect with people who care enough for dogs that they do foster work and support their local shelters.

Here is Miller meeting a foster dog Named Jericha. I'm sure he's reassuring her that there are

fine people in this world, and she, too, will soon find a loving home.

What Miller doesn't know yet is that he will soon have a permanent friend coming to live with his family. She is this enthusiastic pup, awaiting her final placement while a health issue is being cleared up.

Mom and Dad, meanwhile, are sorting through baby name books deciding just what to call their new girl. I don't have a name suggestion for her, but I can think of lots of adjectives: lucky, worthy, blessed, and beautiful for sure.

If only all the dogs needing homes were fortunate enough to find a loving home with a family of big-hearted dog people like Miller has. In an imperfect world we can so hope.

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