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Friday, December 7, 2012

Dog Toys

The monkeys are all packing up to go to their new homes. Customers are telling us that they are stashing the toys for Christmas, sometimes unwrapping them clandestinely in order to escape the eyes and ears of their savvy pets.

This Santa has no stuffing. Perfect if you have one of those dogs that has to eviscerate every toy before it's considered properly unwrapped. Lots of squeak and fun to toss and drag around, just no trails of fluff to gather up from all over the floor.

These little cuties are sold separately, but would make a charming set. We know that some of our four-legged customers are collectors, and like to keep a bin of favorite buddies.

In our own family, we've noticed that the "keeper of the toys" tends to be the pack leader, or dominant sibling. Isn't it great how two sister dogs understand perfectly that younger Sis can have no toys in her bed, while older Sis settles in like a hen on a half a dozen little fuzzy toys in hers. Dog behaviorists advise us to resist the impulse to even things out, as interfering with the puppy pecking order is when the real trouble begins. The girls are perfectly happy with an arrangement that works for them. When it's playtime, they share and share alike.

Some Toys, like this singing Santa and Elf are only allowed out for only a limited amount of time in our home.

Our slightly obsessive Border Collie-Lab mix just has to play their songs over and over and over and over again. He never quite understands how we get crazy from the repetition of his singular playlist.

I guess that beats the throwaway mentality that some kids get when there are just too many gifts to play with. 

The Toy Story toys would love our dogs. They love their buddies no less when their cute plush
 faces are disfigured from being gnawed and their bodies are reduced to a bag of rags.  After all the fun they've had together, they probably love them even more.

The culture of dogs -
 there's always something to learn from it.

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