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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Color of the Year for 2013

According to the fashion forecast for 2013 emerald green will be the big color this year. Designers are already painting the town green, or at least turning out products of all kinds in a fresh, clear green. Angelo, that stylish guy up there, is ahead of the curve in his fleece-lined hoodie. What else would you expect from a dog who belongs to two celebrities of the Seattle art scene? After all, this is the Emerald City.

People who study these things tell us that dogs don't see green as we do, although it is a color that they can perceive. We do see green, though, and personally, I love the look of it on dogs, especially black dogs. All the associations we have with green: luck, wealth, freshness, are fine, but my personal favorite is St. Patrick's Day. A day to have fun and tune in to that honorary Irish heritage that we all enjoy.

Maybe you'd like to see what we have in store in the color of the year.

There's the green hoodie lined with fleece.

It has a front placket that attaches with Velcro.

and has a convenient pocket on the back for a treat, pickup bag, or whatever.

This shirt speaks for itself -

According to the fashion forecast, green may appear with neutrals

or find its use as an accent.

Here is our unlined hoodie sweatshirt in emerald,
great for a lighter jacket for spring and summer.

For those of you who love handbags
have a look at the coolest pet pickup bag holder in town.

Add some little lucky charm to your dog park outings for about the price of a latte.

Need a dog costume for your next party?

Dinosaurs my be extinct, but they made a huge comeback this year
in adorable items for kids and furkids. We'll be adding 
lots more dino gear in the weeks ahead.

 We are so excited about our spring
and summer inventory!

Look for more dinosaur items, garden themes. 
and  lots more emerald green.

Stop by the store often to see what's new.

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