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Monday, January 28, 2013

Ikea Monkey Dog Coat

Well, we can have our Uggs, and for our dogs, there are:

Yes, snowboots!

and sherpa-lined coats in red faux suede 
(is that perfect for Valentine's Day?)

Also, here in a lively purple.

If you saw that Ikea Monkey video recently, you may have
found his confused, frantic exploration of the store to be a
bit disturbing - a lost pet out of its natural habitat and all that.

 I had the same reaction,  but at the same time I was so loving that coat
It reminded me so much of this cute style that keeps our chilly dogs cozy.

Here are a couple of pet monkeys for your dog in size Small 



Obviously, our pets don't run around stores alone, and we don't let them
shop without us, but wouldn't they buy themselves this fab coat if they could?

The Uggs inspiration with that big hug of sherpa and a lovely, soft faux suede. 

Maybe your dog would love the harness in this line

Everybody loves these, and you know that your pet won't be 
running around loose looking for you when she's firmly secured in this
cozy harness. Easy to attach, soft, and comfortable. Just what our dogs enjoy.

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