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Friday, January 4, 2013

We Heart Dogs

Today we added more fun Valentine's Day goodies to the store. Starting with a tennis ball that has sweetheart messages on it, by Zanies These are called the Catch Some Love designs.

The perfect shirt for your dog. We all know that dogs wear their hearts on their sleeves, or in this
case, backs. Cute and comfortable. The reason dogs love these clothes is that they are attention
magnets. Who wouldn't want to pet a puppy wearing a cutie little shirt like this one.

And what about this eye-catching heart kaleidoscope print? This is lightweight and comfy, perfect for the fairer weather states right now, and just so cute for some Valentine's Day photo cards or party invitations.

Our dogs are cueing us that this is semi-hibernating season, and they spend a lot of time lounging on their portable beds. In fact, they drag their lighter-weight bolster beds around the house and arrange them wherever they please. (Usually near the closest floor heater outlet.)

So here are some cozy crate beds that you can put in the car, or take to a friend's house when you visit. Many obedience teachers work to teach the command, "Go to your place," which helps a dog to have a safe and familiar spot in an unfamiliar setting. These puppies are enjoying some long winter's rest on their new beds.

We have these in the dark roast coffee brown as well as the cheerful watermelon pink.

Our dogs love that bolster edge as a chin rest, and also like to have a little boundary around the edge.

These wash easily, just hang in the laundry room
for a day and they are dry. Non-skid bottom surface, so they can go anywhere.

If you have a van or SUV with some space in back, these are the perfect traveling gear.

This dark roast mocha java brown promises to not show a speck of dirt.

 We're stocking lots of new items this week, so be sure you stop by and visit the store.
Also, get some well-deserved rest after all the business of the Christmas season. Making those holiday memories happen doesn't just happen, as we know so well.

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