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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Roll Tide!

Here is our adorable customer, Onyx, wearing his University of Alabama varsity jacket.

This beautiful dog is a new pet and already a serious Alabama fan. Onyx wore his new jacket for the game this week. He looks great in the spotlight, and we hope to feature more pictures of this lovely new pet in the future.

Here he is intently watching the Crimson Tide make history.
(Onyx's jacket is Crimson red, but the flash has dulls it a bit - just a camera effect.)

Onyx's darling owner bought him this jacket right after he was adopted. We sent it without a sales receipt, in order to keep a Christmas gift secret from the family. How fun to be in on the surprise!

Here is a fuzzy shot of the front and back of this varsity style jacket.

There's nothing like the fun of meeting a new dog and its family and helping another
University of Alabama dog get some gorgeous gear. After this week's game we'll be
restocking our Alabama items, and plan to set up a permanent page in the store for all
our fantastic Crimson Tide fans.

Welcome to Onyx, our newest Dog City Dime Store customer! 

You are a lovely dog, and wear the team colors and logo with dignity and pride. 
Thanks so much for joining us, and to all our Alabama fans - 


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