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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sleeve Dogs

When I was a kid my favorite non-fiction reading was all about the different dog breeds. At that time there were far fewer small dog breeds available. My parents raised Dachshunds for the show ring and trained Labrador Retrievers for hunting, but I was kind of a train spotter type when it came to dogs,  always noticing the different breeds wherever I went.

One of my favorite of all little dogs was the Pekingese. Two of them lived right next door to my grandma's house, and their owner was a friendly lady who let us talk to her little Pekes. Their goldfish swishy gait, the bit of attitude in their approach, and just the exotic luxury of their coats and overall design simply captivated me. In the books I read there were stories of the Chinese Mandarins tucking these little dogs into their long, full sleeves. They were the breed to watch at dog shows, with their confident carriage and fabulous coiffures.

Today I was reminded of this enchantment when I discovered that we have new Pekingese customers!
Here they are in all the variety and charm of this ancient breed.

If you want to learn more about them and their super-responsible breeder, you'll find lots of information on her website: click here

I love reading informative sites like this, as I'm still so interested in all the variety in the dog kingdom. It is also comforting to know that there are super responsible dog breeders out there who do a fantastic job of caring for the dogs that they raise. The guidelines given for this kennel represent the kind of high standards that prospective buyers of purebred dogs should look for when they begin their search for a new puppy.

What a lovely reminder of those charming Pekingese dogs that I knew so long ago. If I were a member of the ancient Chinese court, you can be sure I'd have one of these in both my sleeves.

Absolutely gorgeous dogs. How could you pick just one?

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